Damascus steel: Traditional vs. Stainless Damascus steel

Ageless and durable, stainless Damascus steel is even more so than traditional. The appearance of stainless Damascus is the same as traditional Damascus steel. The distinction is the unchanging nature of the stainless Damascus. Not affected by saltwater, salts and acids in your skin, or by other corrosive elements. Nor will your skin react to the steel. The longer enduring finish of the stainless is the primary difference. It will not turn dark as can traditional Damascus. It will not discolor, stain, rust or tarnish.

What is Damascus Steel? What is Damascene?

There is a description of the techniques on this site.

Where can I purchase?

Call us at 301-767-3388, email us at namu@studionamu.com or view our list of galleries for a location near you.

How long to complete a piece once ordered?

Normally it will take 4-6 weeks to complete an order.

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